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                        Project Gallery:   Professional woodworkers post examples of their work in this interactive venue

                        Sawmill Gallery:   Professional primary processing companies display and describe their sawmill facilities

                        Shop Gallery:   Professional woodworkers display and describe their shop facilities, products and equipment

                        Shopbuilt Equipment Gallery:   Professional woodworker's jigs, rigs, and shopbuilt equipment

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                        Adhesives Forum:   Discussing the proper use of woodworking glues, contact cements, epoxies, and other bonding agents

                        Architectural Woodworking Forum:   Quality standards and production of wood mouldings, doors, windows, and other types of architectural work

                        Business and Management Forum:   Lively conversations on topics like starting your woodworking business, sales and marketing, project management, legal issues and accounting

                        Cabinet and Millwork Installation Forum:   Solve tricky field installation problems with help from other professionals

                        Cabinetmaking Forum:   32mm, frameless, and face-frame cabinet design, construction

                        CAD Forum:   Beat the Computer Aided Design learning curve with help from experienced CAD users

                        Commercial Kiln Drying Forum:   Discuss issues facing commercial drying operations that process at least 750,000 bd. ft. of lumber per year

                        CNC Forum:   Learn and share information about Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) woodworking equipment, software, and automated manufacturing

                        Dust Collection, Safety, and Plant Operation Forum:   Plant layout, dust collection systems, and other ideas for maintaining a safe, productive working environment

                        Professional Finishing Forum:   Discuss water-based finishes, polyesters, conversion varnishes, lacquers, stains, spray equipment

                        Forestry Forum :   Discuss timber management, silviculture, tree planting, diseases and harvesting

                        Professional Furniture Making Forum:   Helping professional furniture makers improve quality, save time, and increase profits

                        Laminating and Solid Surfacing Forum:   Solid surface and plastic laminate fabrication in cabinetry, countertops, and other applications

                        Sawing and Drying Forum:   Your best source of technical and practical advice on sawmilling, kiln drying, and primary processing

                        Shop Built Equipment Forum:   Professionals share their rigs and jigs, storage tricks, shop built equipment, and time saving tips

                        Solid Wood Machining Forum:   Proper tool sharpening, equipment setup, care and maintenance, and correct lumber feed rates for moulders, saws and planers

                        Value Added Wood Processing Forum:   Learn how to improve your output, find new markets, and boost sales of your lumber products

                        Veneer Forum:   Reliable advice for novices and experts who work with this beautiful yet technically demanding material

                        WOODnetWORK:   The woodworker's worldwide "town square," where any professional wood-related topic is fair game

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                        Video Library:   Index of industrial woodworking related digital videos on the web

                        Software & Mobile Apps:   Fully functional applications, shareware and demos including plywood and panel optimizers, CAD and CNC software

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                        The Wood Doctor:   Read Dr. Gene Wengert's many wood engineering and processing articles

                        Bookstore:   Extensive list of cabinetmaking, furniture design, boatbuilding, forestry and wood engineering books for sale at discount prices

                        Lumber Buying Guide:   Hardwood lumber pricing for the Western, Midwest, and Eastern distribution markets

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                        Current Features

                        IRS Auctions
                        Featured Advertiser || Posted here 04/22/2020

                        A leader in sales of used machinery and complete plants, IRS Auctions (Industrial Recovery Services) specializes in valuation and conversion of machinery assets into liquid funds as well as conducting liquidations and private negotiated sales.

                        Featured Advertiser || Posted here 04/02/2020

                        Specializing in industry-specific CNC production solutions, CAMaster manufactures CNC routers to exacting standards at an affordable price.

                        BOSS Routers
                        Featured Advertiser || Posted here 03/13/2020

                        Offering CNC Routers and CAD/CAM Software, BOSS Routers is your complete solution for routers, software, training and accessories.

                        Cabinetshop Maestro
                        Featured Advertiser || Posted here 02/24/2020

                        A specialty project management software for custom cabinet shops, Cabinetshop Maestro will efficiently manage multiple jobs, streamline tasks, track and monitor progress ?all from one central online hub

                        Featured Advertiser || Posted here 01/28/2020

                        Using a flexible manufacturing process to create quantities of one to one thousand parts, CabParts, Inc. produces quality fully custom or modular, easy-to-assemble frameless-style "full access" cabinet boxes and closet components.

                        Biesse America
                        Featured Advertiser || Posted here 12/13/2019

                        With their new 23,000 square foot state-of-the-art showroom and training facility in Charlotte NC, Biesse America offers a comprehensive range of technologies and solutions for joiners and large furniture, windows, doors and timber building components manufacturers.

                        Baker Products
                        Featured Advertiser || Posted here 12/01/2019

                        A leading manufacturer of sawmill equipment, Baker Products provides heavy duty industrial grade portable and stationary band sawmills, edgers and more.

                        Salice America
                        Featured Advertiser || Posted here 11/15/2019

                        As an industry leader and world class manufacturer of functional cabinet hardware, Salice America distinguishes itself as an innovator in both design and function, manufacturing Hinge systems, Runner and Drawer systems, Lift systems, Sliding Door systems, Kitchen Accessories and now Closet Accessories.

                        Featured Advertiser || Posted here 09/30/2019

                        Known for quality custom vacuum fixturing products, NEMI aluminum and molded vacuum pods are precision machined to the company's strict standards of quality and accuracy.

                        ANVER Corporation
                        Featured Advertiser || Posted here 09/09/2019

                        Offering a wide range of material handling solutions for numerous applications, ANVER Corporation provides electric, mechanical, air-powered and battery powered premium quality vacuum lifters at economical prices.

                        American National Knife
                        Featured Advertiser || Posted here 08/29/2019

                        Offering professional quality woodworking knives and blades through their national distributors network, American National Woodworking Knife products include planer blades, jointer knives, carbide tipped, solid carbide, corrugated back, shaper steel, Tersa blades and more.

                        American Fabric Filter
                        Featured Advertiser || Posted here 08/12/2019

                        Providing customized fabric products for 2 decades, American Fabric Filter's line includes high quality custom dust filter bags, one-of-a-kind specialty products, transfer sleeves, accessories and more.

                        Alexander Dodds Company
                        Featured Advertiser || Posted here 07/26/2019

                        Supplying products made in America since 1882, Alexander Dodds Company is a recognized leader in dovetail machinery and assembly equipment.

                        SAMES KREMLIN
                        Featured Advertiser || Posted here 07/01/2019

                        Offering complete solutions from pumps to complete application systems, SAMES KREMLIN designs and manufactures process equipment divided into six product ranges: Airspray, Airmix? Airless, Rexson Dispense, Electrostatic and Powder Coating.

                        Air Handling Systems
                        Featured Advertiser || Posted here 06/20/2019

                        With a fully stocked warehouse and high-tech fabrication facility, Air Handling Systems manufactures and supplies industrial ventilation systems, dust collection systems and HVAC ductwork supplies.

                        AceCo Precision Tools
                        Featured Advertiser || Posted here 06/06/2019

                        One of the woodworking industry's quality leaders, AceCo Precision Tools provides finger joint tools, moulder tools, hydraulic and custom tools, along with superior customer service and technical support.

                        Featured Advertiser || Posted here 05/17/2019

                        A manufacturer of high performance custom-made 3 and 5 axis CNC routers, Accu-Router serves industries such as hardwood and upholstered furniture, aerospace, automotive, moldings, boating and many others.

                        RT Machine Company
                        Featured Advertiser || Posted here 04/30/2019

                        Located in Hughesville, PA, RT Machine Company is a stocking distributor of new and used industrial woodworking machinery, offering over 600 woodworking machines within their 80,000 square foot warehouse, as well as parts, service, in-house staff and 5 traveling service technicians to troubleshoot machinery problems.

                        Vexor Custom Woodworking Tools, Inc.
                        Featured Advertiser || Posted here 04/15/2019

                        With over 90 years of combined experience in the tooling and manufacturing industry, Vexor Custom Woodworking Tools offers a wide variety of tools for the woodworking industry - tooling that works within the most precise tolerances, providing the customer with the highest quality tooling available.

                        ACS - Atlanta Cabinet Shop
                        Featured Advertiser || Posted here 03/07/2019

                        Specializing in contemporary door and drawer fronts for the professional cabinet maker, ACS - Atlanta Cabinet Shop supplies acrylic, TFL and HDF cabinet fronts as well as other components.

                        Cabinetshop Maestro
                        Featured Advertiser || Posted here 02/15/2019

                        A project management solution for busy cabinet shops, Cabinetshop Maestro software helps to plan and manage multiple jobs, stay on schedule and accurately estimate and track labor costs.

                        Featured Advertiser || Posted here 01/29/2019

                        A new generation software company, NEGESCO's products reduce time consuming tasks to a single click, providing leaders of woodworking companies with efficient management and workflow.

                        Featured Advertiser || Posted here 01/23/2019

                        Offering high-quality products for the wood, plastics and non-ferrous metal industries, CNC-Tool.com is a premium source for the CNC tooling, CNC solid carbide router bits and accessories.

                        Featured Advertiser || Posted here 01/15/2019

                        Specializing in industry-specific CNC production solutions, CAMaster manufactures CNC routers to exacting standards at an affordable price.

                        Weinig Group-USA
                        Featured Advertiser || Posted here 01/06/2019

                        A world market leader for solid wood processing equipment, Weinig Group-USA produces a variety of machinery including moulders, planers, knife grinders and many more items to increase business efficiency.

                        Featured Advertiser || Posted here 12/13/2018

                        With a variety of machines to handle various material sizes and capacities, WEIMA's products include single-shaft and four-shaft shredders as well as granulators and briquette presses.

                        Featured Advertiser || Posted here 11/27/2018

                        A family-owned business with over 300 dedicated employees, WalzCraft manufactures custom cabinet doors, drawer boxes, moldings and many other varieties of cabinet components and accessories.

                        W. Moore Profiles
                        Featured Advertiser || Posted here 11/20/2018

                        Providing a wide range of products for the moulding, millwork and cabinetry industry, W. Moore Profiles offers raised panel tooling, moulder heads, shaper tooling, custom insert tooling, profile knives and much more.

                        Featured Advertiser || Posted here 11/08/2018

                        In the business of developing a wide range of laser-based technologies since 1989, Vytek manufactures laser cutting, engraving and marking equipment for a wide variety of applications.

                        Vortex Tool Company
                        Featured Advertiser || Posted here 10/26/2018

                        A manufacturer of high performance router and insert cutting tools for the woodworking industry, Vortex Tool Company produces tools with cutting edges in carbide, stellite, high speed steel and polycrystalline diamond.

                        Featured Advertiser || Posted here 10/19/2018

                        A manufacturer and distributor of vacuum powered tools, Vac-U-Clamp specializes in systems and individual accessories for laminating and forming of veneers, as well as a complete line of hold-downs in a wide range of applications and prices.

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